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Per-copy Solutions

Established in 1981, Tekofaks is one of Turkey's leading companies in office products and document management. It leverages its knowledge, experience, and energy to anticipate industry needs, stay updated with innovations, and create value for its valued customers.

Per-copy pricing is a developed method for long-term usage of photocopier machines. With per-copy pricing:

  • Making a copy costs much less as you purchase consumables (toner, drum, developer) and schedule maintenance at regular intervals for your devices, and it also covers the cost of spare parts and labor for potential repairs, making it a more economical choice.
  • It eliminates wasted time and labor costs that would otherwise be spent on maintaining and repairing your devices.

If your goal is to produce copies as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, leave the solution to us. During the COPY-BASED AGREEMENT, your company will benefit in the following ways:

  • Free and unlimited toner supply.
  • Free replacement of spare parts (Drum, developer, etc.).
  • Free on-site maintenance guarantee.
  • The convenience of managing office expenses with a fixed per-copy fee, without dealing with the operational costs and maintenance of existing devices.
  • The option to use consumables first and pay later.
  • Clearer and more controlled costs for accurate budgeting.
  • Timely replacement of faulty parts by our competent technical personnel.
  • Elimination of unnecessary time waste in managing all device-related operations.
  • Ensuring the continuity of the initial print quality.

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