Company Values and Relationships: Employee Competence, Teamwork, and Trust

Our Principles

• Our Relationship with the Company

We understand that businesses with the most competent employees who are retained and continually develop their skills gain significant competitive strength.

The quality of a company is the sum of the qualities of the individuals that make up that company. We believe that our employees are qualified in every aspect and have reached universal standards of excellence in their respective roles and levels.

We expect our employees to demonstrate their high qualifications in all aspects, both in their work and within the community.

As employees, we refrain from any activities that are not in line with the goals and interests of the company and that could hinder our independent decision-making.

• Our Relationship with Colleagues

Our relationships with each other are based on mutual respect, trust, and dedication to the company. We take pride in the strong commitment of our employees to the company and the success it brings.

Employees are integral parts of the team that demonstrates exceptional effort and performance to achieve the company's goals. Your relationships with your colleagues should be like those among members of a successful team.

• Our Relationship with Business Partners/Customers

We believe that our success is dependent on our honest, ethical, and mutually trusting relationships with our business partners and customers.

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