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The world is undergoing rapid change. To remain viable in their respective industries, companies must adapt to this change and differentiate themselves to stay competitive. This is an ongoing process, and the most crucial aspect of this process is serving people. As a leading company in the office products sector, we have prepared ourselves to adapt and evolve according to changing market conditions, both with our products and technological infrastructure and our team.

As the exclusive distributor of Triumph-Adler brand photocopiers, fax machines, printers, and scanners in Turkey, Tekofaks has been providing cost-effective and high-quality solutions for document products, including black and white and color copying and printing, for years.

Triumph-Adler, which produces the world's most advanced technology in copying and printing systems such as photocopiers and printers, is one of the leading companies that apply and develop the latest technologies in photocopiers and printers in an era when devices used in offices perform multiple functions.

Tekofaks offers a wide range of A4-A3 multifunctional devices (combining photocopier, printer, scanner, and fax functions) for sale, aiming to achieve unconditional customer satisfaction through the high-quality service provided before and after sales. With its expert team, authorized service, and dealer network, Tekofaks provides sales, technical service, and maintenance services throughout Turkey.

In 1981, Tekofaks made history by introducing the first fax machine to Turkey, and since its establishment, it has continued to provide high-quality technical service with its trained and experienced team while also selling consumables such as toners, drums, developers, cartridges, and spare parts.

It is a well-known fact that in the industry, not only the purchase cost but also the usage cost is crucial. Especially in devices such as photocopiers and printers, the quality and cost of consumables like toners, drums, developers, and cartridges are of utmost importance today. In this sense, our company, which has extensive experience in providing special printing and copying solutions tailored to our customers' demands and needs, also implements the most cost-effective projects in terms of cost/benefit.

In recent years, photocopier leasing, a significant business model in the sector, and a preferred option for many companies in printing and copying operations in Turkey, is an area where Tekofaks specializes in page-based contractual systems, serving hundreds of customers.

What will be your gains during the COPY-BASED AGREEMENT?

• Free and unlimited toner supply. • Free replacement of spare parts (Drum, developer, etc.). • Free on-site maintenance guarantee. • Easier control of office expenses by paying only a fixed per-copy fee. • The opportunity to use consumables first and then pay for them. • Clearer and more controlled cost for precise budgeting. • Prompt replacement of faulty parts by our competent technical staff without delay. • Elimination of unnecessary time waste for tracking all device-related operations. • Ensuring the continuity of the initial output print quality. • In summary, in this system, there is NO TONER FEE, MAINTENANCE FEE, TIME LOSS, SURPRISE COSTS, or INVENTORY COST !!

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